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4A Normal Molecular Sieve


4A normal molecular sieve can be used for deep water removing and drying of gases and liquids such as air, natural gas, alkane, freezing medium, organic solvent and more. Besides, it is applicable to purification of argon, moisture removal in paints, dyes and coatings industry, as well as static drying of pharmaceutical packaging, electronic components and easy deterioration of chemicals.

Technical Specification 1/16” 1/8”
Nominal Pore Diameter 4 Angstroms 4 Angstroms
Bulk Density 0.65+/-0.03 0.65+/-0.03
Particle Diameter 1.6mm 3.2mm
Crush Strength > 35N > 80N
Attrition Rate < 0.25 %wt < 0.3 %wt
Equilibrium H2O Capacity** > 21% wt > 21% wt
Water Content < 1.5% wt < 1.5% wt

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