13X-APG Molecular Sieve

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13X-APG Molecular Sieve

Na86 [(AlO2)86(SiO2)106].XH2O

13X-APG molecular sieve is suitable for dryness of general industrial gas, as well as purification of virgin gas in air separation equipment which also removes water, carbon dioxide and some hydrocarbon in the meantime. In order to meet the special needs of deep cooling air separation field, its adsorption ability of carbon dioxide and water has been improved and also avoid the phenomenon of frozen tower on the process of air separation. Our molecular sieve features high amount of carbon dioxide adsorption, low regeneration temperature, long service life and so on.

Technical Specification 4x8mesh 8x12mesh
Nominal Pore Diameter 10 Angstroms 10 Angstroms
Bulk Density 0.66+/-0.02 0.66+/-0.02
Particle Diameter 3-5mm 1.6-2.5mm
Crush Strength > 75N > 40N
CO2 Adsorption > 18.5%wt > 18.5%wt
Attrition Rate < 0.3 %wt < 0.3 %wt
Equilibrium H2O Capacity** > 28% wt > 28% wt
Water Content < 1.5% wt < 1.5% wt

Representative packaging
Strip 13X-APG molecular sieve should be packed in closed iron drum with net weight of 125 Kg, while spherical one is sealed in iron drum with net weight of 140 Kg.

Running Engineering is a specialized 13X-APG molecular sieve manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company also provides 3A normal molecular sieve, 3A-IGU insulating glass molecular sieve, 13X-HP molecular sieve, etc.

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