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Natural Zeolite Molecular SieveThe corresponding crystallographic structure is formed by tetrahedras of AlO4 and SiO4. These tetrahedras are the basic building blocks for various zeolite structures, such as zeolites A and X, the most common commercial adsorbents.

Detailed Molecular Sieve Regeneration CurveIn the molecular sieve regeneration curve, temperature from pressure release starts to decline, but at the beginning of heating, temperature has minor increase, then decrease, and later it gradually increases till the end of heating.

The Meaning of Each Technical Specification of Insulating Glass Molecular SieveUnder a certain relative temperature and humidity, greater the static water adsorption capacity can get better molecular sieve quality. Only at low relative humidity, the amount of adsorption capacity can demonstrate the level of deep drying ability of molecular sieve.

How to Choose a Zeolite Molecular SieveMolecular sieve, also named synthetic zeolite, is a crystal in silica aluminates with multiple micro pores. It is a basic skeleton structure formed by silicon to oxygen and aluminum to oxygen tetrahedron.

Main Products
    1. 3A-XH Molecular Sieve Desiccant for Refrigerants3A-XH molecular sieve desiccant for refrigerants is silica aluminates in potassium and sodium form with a pore opening of 3 angstroms or 0.3 nm. It is a generic kind of desiccant, which can be classified as three types of molsieve adsorbent, XH-7 type, XH-9 type and XH-11 type.
    1. 13X-APG Molecular Sieve13X-APG molecular sieve is suitable for dryness of general industrial gas, as well as purification of virgin gas in air separation equipment which also removes water, carbon dioxide and some hydrocarbon in the meantime. In order to meet the special needs of deep cooling air separation field ...
    1. 3A-IGU Insulating Glass Molecular SieveSince it continuously and deeply adsorb the residual water and organic volatile in the interlayer of insulating glass, 3A-IGU insulating glass molecular sieve can effectively prevent condensation frosting phenomenon and remain smooth and transparent at very low temperature.